The Met

I love looking at beautiful things with my own eyes. But sometimes, I want to keep them with me for longer. That’s why I constantly find myself taking pictures everywhere, of everything. Even though there’s so much beauty around, I try to be selective with what I choose to fill my camera roll with so all the pictures I take are things that I visually value.


Earlier this month, I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art. It was mesmerizing. I didn’t take these photos with the intent of posting them, but why not share my experience?

This one is my favorite above all.

I won’t comment on the pieces, because art doesn’t need to be explained. So, these are the art pieces I found the most appealing and interesting (to me).


*** Note: I look at the work first, and then I find out about the people behind it. Their fame or popularity is irrelevant to me.
Don’t let your personal taste be influenced by a name.






I saved my second favorite for last. As soon as I saw it I said “wow” as lame is at sounds I actually did. It makes me so happy cause it radiates feminine power and made me feel strong.

As soon as I found out one of their current exhibitions was of Irving Penn I was thrilled. Imma tell you a little about him —- Irving Penn is an American photographer well known for different sorts of photography specially in fashion. He worked as an art director for Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue Magazine. —– He was (and still is cause his legacy is eternal) very talented and I was impressed by his ability to capture his models and how fresh and innovative it feels.


I’ll get a little bit critical… personally I liked the museum, even the arquitectural structure from the outside is wonderful, but on the inside, I felt like the space and how the pieces were placed could have been better because the color choice of some of the walls didn’t look right. On top of that, the lighting didn’t do the work justice.
What I learned is that creating a space clear and free of distractions in order to exhibit work of art is crucial.


Anyway, if you have the chance to visit The Met, go do it. (Especially their current exhibits, they put more love into those).

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