The art of doing nothing

I sat down and looked over the horizon, into the endless ocean. I visualized myself in the middle of nowhere in a care free environment… it wasn’t my imagination, I was feeling it. Suddenly I’d catch my mind wandering about the things I’m currently doing or the things I’ve accomplished in the past. Questioning my actions, what I’ve worked for and their worth… We tend to overthink if what we’re doing will truly matter and even doubt ourselves. I constantly notice the same pattern over and over and it makes me tired and somehow mad, or sad, or somewhere in-between and it is that there are lots of people who worry about the future or wether they are “good enough” so I decided to point out the things that need to be cleared up:


  • Pushing things won’t get you anywhere and perhaps it could lead you to failure.
  • You don’t have to know it all.
  • Not having a plan is okay.
  • Changing your ideas is brave.
  • You don’t owe an explanation to anyone.
  • Sometimes it’s great to do nothing.


I am a big supporter of this last point because I have lived it, seen it and even read about it and I am completely sure that there are times in life when you need to get out in order to understand. To continue or to begin your path.
With time you find there’s a higher rate of productivity and chances of achieving greater things after finding out what you truly want while doing nothing
“Doing nothing” can get you places you would never think of, above your imagination.

** Disclaimer: I’m not encouraging any sort of behavior or suggesting never doing anything at all.

I simply value listening to what your mind and mental health needs.

Keep on going, you’ve got it all within you.









— love.

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