Serendipity on Netflix

I’m sick of love movies. They are easy to predict and they are so damn unrealistic… but, that doesn’t mean I’ll stop watching them because I like my post-romantic movie complaints and somehow I enjoy crying during the whole thing (sometimes even after they’re done).  But let me tell you something that kinda bothers me… Out of ALL the love movies I’ve seen (sadly… the list is pretty long) there is NOT a single one in which I could say “Yeah, this one is convincing” or “that’s a good way of projecting love” that wasn’t possible, not until now. Today was the day I finally found something I can believe.

I’ve been looking forward to watching this movie for soooo long, I was waiting for the right moment knowing I’d enjoy and I finally tumblr_n3q61b20Q81s8ek8lo1_500did, and I couldn’t feel better about it.
I wasn’t simply watching a movie, I was envolved in it. The movie is Léon: The Professional and it is my favorite love movie ever, forever.
I don’t care if it’s supposed to be a criminal or drama film (as it says), for me it was pure love… I could get lost talking about the scenery, the music, Mathilda’s style — which I’m obsessed with and it’s such a wonderful representation of fashion in the 90’s — but that’s not what I care about.  I want to share how it made me feel and I’m just gonna talk about Mathilda and Léon from now on…

This movie showed nothing but beauty, I’m not into violent or bloody movies at all, but that didn’t even bothered me ’cause the message emitted was much more powerful than that… All I perceived was emotion and truth. Their whole relationship resorted my faith in love in some kind of way. It made clear that love does not need to be found ’cause it comes by itself, that love from another person won’t save you, but it will surely help you find a way.
This film succeeded at showing the vulnerability of a beautiful man, disregarding his physical aspect of being “tough”. They both reached a point were they naturally stopped thinking about themselves and started caring about each other.

It all started looking for revenge after brutally having a loved one killed but it ended with enormous mutual devotion, so strong to the point of giving it all away.





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