Trying new vegan makeup

I love seeing how many brands are now going cruelty free (this should be obvious and all makeup should be free of any harm). Of course, I don’t buy or use anything that hurts or kills innocent lives but I still value and recognize the people who turn their ignorance into something good and make the change. I really do. Mostly because when I was a child I did not know about all these things so I understand people can be blinded.

Anyway… I recently decided to get some new products and I’ve tried them for a few days now and I would like to show you and tell you what I think!


Imma start with foundation ——-
This one here is by Ere Perez and it’s in “fair”. They only have like 3 different shades but somehow I feel it adapts to your skin tone, honestly at first I wasn’t very convinced because I felt like my face wasn’t breathing properly and my pores weren’t happy about it but then I started liking it more and that feeling disappeared. It may not have the best coverage but it is pretty good and it feels light and also looks very natural. I would give this product an 8.

I’ll continue with lipstick this one is by Tarte in “Surf’s up” (yeeeaaah).
Tarte is definitely one of my favorite brands, their products are great quality and never disappoint. The moment I saw the package of this lipstick I fell in love and as soon as I tried it I knew it was meant to be mine. I’ll give it a 10.

Kat Von D is the queen of eyeliners in my opinion, she says they are like ink and she means it, they stay for long and they are rich in color and amazing to use. I’ve been using her black tattoo liner for about 2 years and it is wonderful, I decided to try it out in another color and so I chose “Bukowski”, which is a dark shade of green.
I gotta say.. her ink liners are as good as her tattoo liners but… in this shade you can barley notice the difference between black and green because of the color saturation. I’d give this product a 9.

Last but def not least… it is the winner for being the cheapest eyeshadow I’ve ever tried and also one of my favorites, so yeah, it gives us the best of both worlds. Thanks elf , your product deserves a 10 without a single doubt because it is too good to be true… It’s like a sparkly, heavenly golden dust in your eyelids. The shade is “cruisin’ chic”

I tend to get very excited over little things, it makes me so happy to find things that work nicely and are produced ethically.

—- what’s your favorite makeup brand?



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