Ciao amore

It’s not about how badly you want it or how strongly we wish for it, we can’t have happiness 24/7, not every single day. It’s okay to not be okay. You don’t have to be fine all the time, we are complex yet simple human beings with lots of emotions.
I can’t get used to disappointment, I don’t give second chances, I give away many more to people who don’t deserve it. I could have a master on making by decisions by now, I have this weird tendency of opening my heart up for people that aren’t ready to receive the love I’ve got to give.

It always felt like no matter how hard I tried he’d seem to turn all I am into something bad, all my words would become powerless and it would all be misunderstood, making me feel crazy and unworthy.

I’d get blinded by all the feels..
I knew I had to say goodbye since a long time ago cause if I kept going his illusion of love would’ve eventually killed me.

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