Being a loser

I feel like a new born soul.
—————–  A child full of dreams, innocence and excitement for everything that has to come, that’s how I function… I believe, I expect, I daydream, I give everything I have (even when I’ve ran out of it), guess that’s why I get hurt easily and that’s why I love so deeply and feel like I’m going mad all the time, romanticizing absolutely everything I softly perceive…
I used to be ashamed of feeling too much but that has changed ’cause now I’m aware of the endless beauty beneath the illusion of pain.

We often feel like losers and there’s a million different reasons for it, all our shit falls apart at some point and we feel hopeless, lost and definitely stupid… but we fail to realize we never lose. We born and die winners. Wether we want it or not we always get something in return and choose to name it good or “bad” even though there’s not thing such as “bad”. It’s always good at the end, you just gotta look right. No matter what we obtain at the finishing line, we always win. We grow like beautiful seeds in the forest days after a long lasting rain.


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