Starting with its wonderful location between 5th and 6th avenue, the Museum of Modern Art radiates inspiration even from the outside. The museum has beautiful spaces scattered throughout it like restaurants, a cafeteria, and terraces where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful view of Manhattan. I often fail to translate the word “aesthetic” but this place defines it perfectly. To be honest, I expected this museum to be good but my expectations were pretty low.

I won’t talk about an artist or a masterpiece in particular, I can’t ’cause it was just too much. The whole damn place was too much for my soul… All I’m going to say is how this place made me feel. I’m not the kind of person who overreacts things “just because”, most of the things I say have a deep meaning, especially if I’m formally speaking.
I am having a hard time in my mind thinking of the right way to explain how this museum, its environment and vibe impacted on my being. This building has all the kind of art I adore, it kept blowing my mind over and over and as soon as I stepped out and analyzed all I saw and experienced in that visit I felt like a new part of me was born.

It’s about how surreal the art exposed there is, how you can clearly see more than a beautifully done painting or sculpture, you can feel more and see through all those masterpieces and know a story, a person with dedication, passion and intense love poured into something physical. It is the best way to explain how you feel inside.

I didn’t see art, I met the people behind it. I saw their stories and I felt how they felt.

Here are some of the pieces I appreciated the most…

I don’t wanna undervalue the rest of the work but I wanna say as soon as I saw a large group of people astonished observing something I went there to see what it was and they were right, as soon as I stepped I understood absolutely all of their facial gestures.

They are famous art pieces for a reason. I did not expected to be that shocked but I was, and I couldn’t believe how a human being could’ve done something like it. I simply don’t understand how is it possible.


All I can say is… if you have the chance, go. Make it happen, it’s completely worth it.
I remember telling my mom at the end —- “I wanna be buried here, here’s where I wanna die” and I’m sure I spoke with my heart in that moment.

What’s your favorite museum?



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