Drinking nights

I’m drinking writing, don’t expect this to make a lot of sense…

One of the things I hate the most in life is fighting. I am a peaceful person. I want nothing but love, that’s all I am and that’s all I’ll give… I’ve had my lesson (in a tough way), I’ve learned life is not the way I expect it to be, there’s not always respect, and there’s a freaking huuuge lack of love.
For some people I might seem naive or some weird shit like that… but the truth is, I know the world the way I see it through my heart, from myself, admiring and imitating the way I love and that’s why I have hope and expect the same from others but keep forgetting to realize people aren’t like me… at all.

This might sound stupid right now and I know it is but… my strongest desire right now is to disappear… I just wanna bleed out.
Drain my fucking soul out, let me get away from all this pain.

It’s the only thing I’ve been craving for.

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