Magical disasters

Storms posses magic,  they can be messy and gray but they come to an end, and as soon as they are over… everything changes drastically and all the chaos turns into beauty. The sky seems clearer, plants and trees look healthier and refreshed, everything looks vividly and pure. I’d say it’s as if a part of the Earth’s soul had been renewed. Maybe she couldn’t handle more toxicity any longer, perhaps she had to go through that chaos in order to become beautiful again.

I was born in a very stormy place. I have seen all kinds of natural disasters, I’ve felt them, I have lived them. And it’s fine, it isn’t always that bad, there are good seasons but there are also really bad and long ones. In my life I’ve experienced two dangerous, almost deadly storms, I feel like the second one is still going but at least I know what it is about now (kind of).

All I know is that it ended and the weather got nice for a moment, mostly I remember everything I got out of it. I consider myself an amazing person, I am, my heart is pure, I’m soft and sweet, I’m lovable and kind. I forgive and love unconditionally. I am definitely not perfect, (at all) and I’m glad I’m not ’cause that wouldn’t be real but I can say that I owe a big part of the human being I am to my first storm. And damnnn, it was more like a hurricane.

After being through disasters, the kind hearted earthlings flourish immensely. No one choses sadness or chaotic experiences. There are moments when the universe leads you to the wrong side of darkness, it blinds you, it posses you, it changes you. You must remember the universe does not play games, the universe doesn’t give you pain or puts you in bad situations because you can “handle it”, the universe knows that you deserve better and sorry darling, nothing’s for free. Work to be a better human being, everyday. And if you ever go through a storm, just remember, the end will be mesmerizing, unique and truly beautiful. It won’t make you “stronger” it will make you softer and there’s a much better strength in softness, people are too afraid to see it.

Storms make your soul bigger and capable of expanding through different and multiple directions, all leading to love.


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