Painting times

I spent two nights painting something that would have a special meaning to me, and I consider I made it. I’m not a painter, I don’t know how to paint, I do it for fun and I do believe in the art I create and the art I’m capable of creating.

I try not to think about the things I’m doing much, wether I’m writing, painting or doing anything that requires some sort of creativity, I let myself go and that’s when I realize that’s the way to go.

I did this painting and I’ll let you know what I felt while doing it.
** To clarify… it can mean anything, I don’t believe in precise thinking or just one subject.
I love diversity.

I believe in sisterhood, feminine power, and there’s a topic that hurts my soul so bad and has made me cry multiple times, not only by thinking about it, but, by living it.
I am concentrating on women because it’s where it’s most notorious and it’s a problem to be concerned about.
As women there should not exist the possibility of competition, not in a way of hurting or intending to destroy each other. I’m tired of seeing fights and rivalry between two females. I’m sick of the non-stoping competition to “be better”, “look better”, have a “better body” (what the hell is even that though?), or even trying to hurt someone by flirting with other girls’s boyfriends or even making relationships end! It’s all sickening and I don’t understand it, it hurts me ’cause I KNOW we should all be empowering, supporting, embracing and trusting each other. And I’m not going to lie to you, I’ve been there, I’ve criticized some girls before, and even though they gave me a “reason”, for trying to hurt me or my relationships, it’s NOT something I or anyone should be doing. But as for me, personally, I never, ever hurt someone.

I wait for the day when we all unite and realize the power we have gets stronger together.

There are times when you cannot hold your pain, or you feel you need someone to hold onto. It can be your mom, your dad, sisters, brothers, friends, your pet, anyone. And the truth is, I believe the bond between two women is very special because as being anatomically similar we can relate and have a deeper mutual understanding.
There are times you need to seek comfort in someone to feel love and to help you flourish. That’s what my painting is, embracing love from other beings, having each others back and standing strong for peace and a huge commitment to kindness and gratitude. That will give you nothing but an infinite garden of beauty, full of emotions and pleasing feelings.

to be able to bloom together. 




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