pain heals

The world changes so fast we cannot even perceive it, there’s all sort of experiences that happen on a daily basis. We get back to things we used to do, routines, things we feel safe doing. But, we also grow out of things that aren’t good for us or hurt others around us. It seems hard for me to understand everything changing so fast, but it’s even harder ’cause there are certain things, actions and people that… no matter the time or the circumstances they keep feeling like home.

I’ve been having a headache all day and I don’t know why, maybe being a woman is painful sometimes, maybe that pain is part of the beauty of being this wonderful creature, and I’m not even mad or complaining. I couldn’t be happier of being a woman and having a period, I love it, and I am aware of it’s importance, ’cause I know how it feels, and I know what it’s like to loose it for long periods of time. I used to question that part of me when I was a little younger, getting mad at my body or comparing the way it worked and the thing is… each feminine system works differently and there’s nothing wrong with it.

We are born with a beautiful body that supports us and carries us through everything we need, without questioning any of it. We are often unaware of the things that matter and our decisions can hurt our bodies and change lots of things, but no matter what… I believe nature finds its way back and heals us. We must forgive ourselves for misunderstanding our bodies.


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