I’ve always been unusual, maybe I trust too easily, maybe I’m not afraid to open up…

Life is very unexpected and it takes you to places you never intended to find. It’s been strange, I’m starting to doubt wether I am awake or not. I feel fireworks inside my head, a huge fight but without violence.

I’m trying to grow out of things that do not serve me well. I’ve made sacrifices for the wrong people, and it’s not that I’m expecting something in return… I simply value myself enough to let go… let go people who hurt.

My mind can’t stop repeating the same words over and over… trust, honesty, truth, forgiveness and unfinished. There’s nothing I desire anymore with someone else. I’ll stay the same as ever, I’ll just be without something that used to live in my soul.  My soul ain’t no longer the place you used to call home.

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