where to be

Despite not being what people or someone specifically wants me to be, I know I have chosen the life I want for me. I’ve never changed myself, or what I desire to do for anyone else and I never will. I am not where I want to stay, but I am where I need to be. I am finding myself, it finally feels like I know where I’m going and mostly I’m sure of where I want to go.

I’ll always be surrounded by nature, that’s what I want the most and my only priority. As much as I wish, I can’t shut the world off and ignore what we, as humans, have artificially created and the society we have turned into.
I live my life in contrast and, wether I like it or not, I’ll always will.
I’ll live in pure nature,  in contact with Earth and the universe, in the countryside or at least very near and constantly going back to it. I’m even imagining the farm I’ll have, I could write a whole post about what’s going to be like and everything that’s in my mind and I will, soon, but for now I can only say it won’t be the kind of farm you are used to or anything like you’ve imagined before.

I clearly know my path, it is simple, gentle, kind and with a huge impact. I’ll be a writer and a server to nature. I already am, in my heart.


— love.

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