There’s something exciting about getting to know someone, what persuades me the most about it is that knowing someone is and infinite resource. I‘m captivated by naked souls, those who don’t hide in ideas or believe something they’re not. I admire fearless speaking, not doubting your thoughts or being scared by how you feel. I fall in love with daring people.

I believe in endless feelings, where they evolve but never die. Where you are able to keep a space open to change without the sense of loss. To immerse in emotions instead of in words. I can imagine this so clear, in a beautiful and peaceful place, a monochromatic bed with light and soft sheets that wrap up against your skin, making you feel safe and loved. There’s no darkness ’cause there are some sun rays leaking through the fabric… it’s like a gentle kiss where you can feel the warmth beneath the lips, and then feel a sweet flame inside, just like the beginning of a chimney, somewhere between your heart, impregnating your being.



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