downward flow

I wish today was flowing differently, I wish I wasn’t so dispersed and disconnected with my being. I am feeling stuck, wishing for things that aren’t happening.

My mind and everything else inside is confused. I don’t wanna be here, and even though I am. I’m really not. Today I’m gone, gone and lost. Lost in mixed emotions all coming from fear.

I am honest with myself, but I’m not sure of who I’m being today. Who am I?
I know I need a big hug and I need support ’cause I feel vulnerable and I’m okay with it, it is hard to understand my thoughts and the things I want. I don’t know how to act or react.

I don’t wanna let myself believe in things that are influencing my state of being from the outside. I don’t know what I’m “protecting” myself from, but I feel like since the last 2 days I have been blocking the energy flow from my heart as if I was closing it.

I cannot hold myself back from love, it’s everything and the only thing I believe in. When there’s doubt, uncertainty or lack of freedom there’s nothing but fear. Fear is lack of love.


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