weekend thoughts // unusual vibes

We change so fast in so little time. At this age we cannot control anything, we aren’t even aware of what we feel or how we act. At 17 there’s nothing to be taken serious, ’cause there’s nothing serious at all… the reason why is we grow so rapidly and makes everything so damn weird… it’s all so intense and I cannot even understand how it all can happen this way… I wish I could go back in time and live it all over again. I kinda miss it, some parts of it. I’m scared of growing to an age where things do not feel or are the same as they used to be, and things won’t change as they used to.

Each teenage year is crucial, as if we were living different lives every time.

I have changed so much since I started school again which isn’t so long ago, I’ve been different and it’s been for the best, now I see things I didn’t use to see before, my eyes keep opening. It might seem weird at first but I know it’s good. There’s so much diversity, love grows out of places I wasn’t aware that existed.

Last night I had two glasses of wine and got confused (or drunk to be truly honest) and so I thought of calling you, but even in that state I realized you’re not the one I call any longer when I feel that way and wanna talk about the world ’cause as much as you said or thought you tried, you never understood me fully when I needed you the most.

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