oct 3rd 2017

I don’t intend on fulfilling your standard of beauty, I feel good as I am.

I feel the smoke near my skin, the warmth delicately touching my face, softly… it’s all so much without being overwhelming… it’s just sweet and purifying.

Radiate your passion from beneath your skin, breathe out the magic from your pores and let it glow.

Take it as it is, make the most of it, let your soul get involved and get away with it.

oct 4th 2017

I’ve been feeling fearful today. I don’t want anyone to understand me or relate to what I’m feeling tonight. I don’t think my life will be enough to do everything I intend to, or maybe I have missed periods of time in history that were crucial for my plenitude.
I am aware of how wrong this is, yet still lately I’ve been doubting my personality. I won’t change, I wouldn’t… but often being a stranger from my surroundings does not make it easy to live. I’m still learning to be myself and coexist with everyone else despite the differences. To accept who I am and simultaneously understand the world around me so I can be at peace.

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