outside the limitations

So I just wrote this. It took me around 3 minutes, without pausing, without thinking, I just allowed my fingers to type my soul out and so it is here. This is one of the most honest things I’ve written because it came right away, it wasn’t even in my thoughts or my mind, it simply came out instantly and naturally, as raw as it is.

I believe the universe walks by my side and always leads me to what’s best for me.

I may not be able to understand it at all times but it does everything in its endless power for me to be happy and centered. There’s no doubt it’s keeping me safe, loved and surrounded with infinite possibilities so that I can grow and heal until I am able to see how much beauty there’s inside of me.
The Universe wants me here and brought me right where I am to complete my purpose on this planet, to be an inspiration to others, but mostly to myself.
I am kind, I am love, I am honest, I am brave and a precious human being. I am thankful for all the lessons I’ve learned and I’m yet to be taught. I am never alone, there’s always this precious energy next to me, lifting my spirt up and guiding me.
Whenever I feel lost or in fear I call this energy and pray to it to take me back to where I belong. I belong to love.
Love is all that I am, all that I want and all that I’ll be.
I pray for kindness in this world, I pray for humanity to be restored and I pray for inner freedom, freedom from fears created in my mind that are outside of my power, ‘cause they are nothing but fake situations or expectations. I have the ability to make anything possible, I am capable of anything. I exist to spread love. I exist to enjoy my time on Earth. I’ll never be silenced, I’ll always speak my heart out.
I’ll grow my awareness, I’ll keep practicing it until the day I’m gone. I won’t let my mind or my body control me, I’ll live in touch with my spirit and I’ll let it fly me through this world. No judgments, no predicaments, no nothing that comes outside of love. Love will heal anything, love is everywhere and everything. The universe has my back.

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