reflexion november

It doesn’t matter where I write as long as I keep doing it.

Lately I’ve been blaming stress for the decisions I’ve made, not that my stress isn’t real, but, I’m not so sure about where the way I’m acting comes from. I haven’t stand in the back of my mind, I have been tremendously distant with the Self, just as if it didn’t exist at all, it does, it’s there… I simply haven’t been able to sit back and observe it.
To acknowledge my being is what’s missing. Calmer days are on the way, falling means nothing, it’s actually an opportunity for waking up a deeper level.
I don’t feel like I’ve chosen all this, although, it may seem like it; I guess it has just happened naturally, I still believe everything occurs the way it should.
There’s a huge complex mind behind us trying to control and convince us of how things should “develop”. But that’s a lie. The mind is just a helper, aiding the Self, who knows the deepest truths and understands every situation from a real place of consciousness and allows us to live in awareness of our surroundings. That awareness that shows and knows nothing but love.
Very often, we think that our heads or our minds are in charge but, they follow the tendency of inclining into fear, false thoughts, misleading our whole Self and guiding us right through dark places. We fall into that trap almost daily, it’s hard to be aware in this noisy world when there’s so much going on… everywhere, every second.
To leave your head, to ignore your mind and to guide your soul near your spirit so that you can find the real Self living within you, that’s all you gotta do and there’s where you need to be, ’cause that’s the only place where you’ll possess the ability to see with pure clarity.

Shut fake love.

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