last post of the year

What should I do? Stick to the mess of the culture or dare to keep myself and take the risk of staying alone for all my time left?
I don’t understand, I highly doubt I ever will… What is this all with human kind?
Why do I feel so far apart? All my pursue is nowhere near your sight, there’s a wide gap between you and I.
I often feel like society is blind, yet still here I am wishing I would’ve been blind, just so that I could take away the pain brought from my loneliness.
I keep hearing the same, as if most of the people were stuck in the same page, saying that you choose how you feel and that the way you live is up to you and that is not completely right. You cannot choose everything inside, just as I can’t choose to react and possess this hypersensitivity of mine.

The whole subject swims through my mind, there’s no way to shut it, can’t find a way around.

To consume or be consumed.

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