the pain in my neck

I remember the smell of my hair from some particular nights, I remember the taste of the rain from stormy nights, I even remember the touch and warmth of someone else’s skin… I remember without knowing I do.
I relate to situations with the things I’ve been through. I might be disperse but it’s just that I’m way too aware. In this present I’m traveling through time, I remember it all and it feels divine. It’s all merely and illusion, sometimes a disillusion… A lot has happened in all this years and it’s been enough, I’ve had it already. I don’t intend on experiencing more, I am an old soul. The path takes me to places I’m unsure of handling.

Yes, I do write from my heart, everything comes right out from it, that’s probably why it ain’t always reasonable but at least I know it’s true.

My bones are lost, somewhere inside my body, this is not a time where I can feel them. But I know they’re there. It’s all about links and connections and everything at some point goes back to the root where it all comes from, where it all grows, it’s like going back home. The fact that I don’t see it doesn’t change the fact that is real. 
I’m contemplating my veins and the pain in my neck but I can’t concentrate with the sound of the waves that only carry me away.
I’m way too humane for this place, I might be living in a parallel world, so far yet so close.

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